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England Youth Championships

England Youth Championships

IAPS Prep school championships

British U10 Foil Championships

Warwick LPJS Epee

UK School Games

Birmingham International

Warwickshire Age Group Championships

Eton LPJS Foil

West Midlands BYC Qualifiers


Natasha Southall 13th (from 35) U11 Girls Foil, Oliver Alford 18th and Dominic Sampson 28th (from 62) U11 Boys Foil, Joe Doughty 54th (from 79) U13 Boys Foil, Will Southall 51 (from 68) U15 Boys Foil

Duncan Thorley 22nd, Will Southall 29th (from 43) U15 Boys Epee, Joe Doughty 35th U13 Boys Epee

Dominic Sampson 6th (U11 boys foil)

5th (from 49)- Oliver Alford, 10th Dominic Sampson, 33rd Patrick Coombe

Katie Pagan 20th (U15), Rhiannon Frenguelli 6th (U17), Jo Doughty 24th (U13), Duncan Thorley 19th and Finlay Anthoney 32nd (U15)

England Epee team - Ellie bronze (individual) and gold (team)

Women's Epee - Ellie Cormack 3rd (of 80)

Oliver Alford and Nathasha Southall 1st (U11 Foil), Duncan Thorley and Katie Pagan 1st (U15 Epee), Joseph Doughty 1st (U13 Epee), Charlotte Pagan 1st (U11 Epee), Dominic Sampson 2nd (U11 Foil) Joseph Smith 2nd (U11 Epee), Will Southall 2nd (U15 Foil), Finlay Anthoney 3rd (U13 Foil)

Oliver Alford 5th (of 29)

Oliver Alford and Oliver Richardson 3rd, Joseph Smith 6th (U12 boys foil)
Will Southall 2nd, Lucas Hateley 3rd (U14 Boys Epee)
Duncan Thorley 5th (U16 Boys Epee) and Alasdair Thorley 2nd (U18 Boys Epee)
Natasha Southall 3rd and Leah Bhandal 5th (U12 Girls Foil)

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